Wendy about depression


I can’t really remember the last good day. I read the post where Nicole
said that she just wanted curl up and do nothing. That is exactly how I
feel all the time now. And I think it has been that way for months. I
joined a water aerobics class thinking that if I get OUT and DO
something it would help, but I practically have to force myself to even
go now, whereas the first 2 times I was excited. I hate to be such a
downer, but my job sucks as well, so there is no help there. I drag
myself into work about 10 minutes after I get up. House is a mess..I
don’t know where to begin there. My mom asked me the other night “why can’t you just snap out of it?”……DUH!!! When I have a bout of
insomnia she says, “Your not trying hard enough to get to sleep!”
Anyway, I know that I am rambling and not making much sense,but thanks
for listening anyway.


I hate to burst your bubble, but Paxil is EXTREMELY

I am only going by what I have read online and off and
by what my therapist and doctors have told me. As for
getting off of paxil. I plan to stay on it. For once
in I dont know how many years I actually feel


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